1st Sailing Adventure in the Mediterranean aboard La Mustache II a Farr 60!

Follow me on my 1st Mediterranean sailing adventure from Spain to Gibralter, back to Spain – then to the Balearic Islands and finally France.

After @American Airlines loses my bags and wastes 2 days of my vacation – I decide to go sail for 8days with only foul weather gear and bathing suits!

This was certainly a wonderful adventure on my friend’s, new to him, @Farr Yacht Design 60 – he needed to renew his cruising permit so we purchased some fuel as proof – outside of the EU – and now he is good for another 18 months.

I visited the @Navigare Yachting base in Palma, Mallorca and who do I run into but my boss and friend Jesper! What a small world.

The food and friendship were amazing. More adventures to come on La Mustache 2!!!! In fact, as I made this video, I was munching on some authentic nougat I purchased in La Provence!