3 Ladies Sail from Isla Mujeras to Fort Lauderdale

What a great adventure!  3 ladies fly to Mexico during the Covid-19 Pandemic and sail home on a 2010 Hunter 49.  It was not without some mishaps, but we arrived safe and sound.  This gorgeous vessel will by new home and charter boat as well.  Santalocura is soon to be Inspiration!  Watch the journey and see her transformation in videos to come!  At this time – I didn’t think she was going to be mine.  I thought I was bringing her to Fort Lauderdale to sell her….little did I know what I treat I was in for.

We sailed straight with a short stop in Key West for more fuel.  The wind was on the nose for pretty much the whole trip except for the last 60 NM.  We had to deal with some logistical issues in the beginning and were not allowed to step foot on the vessel for 3 days – but we provisioned as best we could and when allowed to get on the boat – we were off within a matter of hours.

I caught my first Mahi Mahi!  My sailmates are absolutely against killing and eating fish, but I’m not! It took me forever to fillet it, but I was able to save at least 2.5lbs of meat.  I ate from it for many days and thanked it for its life. I like the American Indian’s philosophy of not taking more than you can use and being thankful for every Spirit sacrificed for another.

We arrived safe and sound in Fort Lauderdale in about 5 days.  Thank you again to my wonderful supportive friends Linda and Haylee for taking this adventure with me.