Kraken 50

Kraken Yachts was founded with one objective, to build the best blue water yachts ever launched.

At Kraken Yachts, we believe there is no such thing as a yacht for all purposes and first the designer and builder must decide what the purpose of the yacht is.

Similarly, an owner must also decide what the prime purpose of the vessel they are purchasing is.

If that purpose is to go blue water cruising around the world, you are in the right place, we build nothing else.

Many of the principles of design and construction of a Kraken yacht are derived from the vessels that have sailed our seas for time immemorial. We compromise nothing to fad or fashion and while the stylish look of a Kraken yacht turns heads in marinas or anchorages throughout the world, our up to the minute interior designs are contemporary. Safety and comfort are our driving factors.

Our owners discover that the tracking and motion of a Kraken yacht are unparalleled, and their ability to look after the crew when the going gets rough stands unmatched in modern yacht building.

The fine entry of the bow stem combined with the V shape of the forefoot of the hull eliminates slamming, even when going hard to wind in big headseas.

We go sailboat cruising for fun and enjoyment and in a Kraken yacht, it’s all about the voyage, not just the destination.