Jabsco Joker Valve Fix

If you have ever owned a boat, you know that a lot of the time on your boat is spent FIXING things. I live on my boat, so the amount of time spent fixing things is almost constant. Remember sometimes the best boat to buy is one that has been lived on…it can’t be ignored….it has to be fixed!

This job was one that just couldn’t be ignored as nasty water was backing in from the either the tank or the sea water. The Jabsco Joker Valve needed to be replaced! It was a fairly easy fix as you can see from the video. Certainly helps to be a bit smaller person when trying to work in tight spaces.

The trick to no leakage at the end was to make sure the gasket sits properly and to tighten the screws equally little by little on all sides. Meaning, don’t tighten one side all the way and then go to the other side. This will make the gasket pop out on one side.

I trust you will find this helpful and learn from my mistakes!