Sailing around Cape Hatteras in the Fall

This sailboat delivery on a 2014 Beneteau Oceanis 45 would be as Fun as it was Challenging.  My good friend and fellow Navigare associate Maryline was looking for a vessel that would be a great financial deal, while proving to expand her sailing skills and offering the correct layout for AirBNB management.  Nikita just so happened to be that vessel – you will see in the video when we christen her to Chanceuse which will be her new name soon.

She was sailed from BVI to South Carolina during the height of COVID-19 where she underwent some necessary live-aboard modifications and repairs at Saint Bart’s.  This is when we arrive on the scene to deliver her just over 500NM up the Severn River close to Annapolis, Maryland.

I made some great new friends – one being – Jen, a BADASS sailor chick whom I would certainly sail with again.  She was cool, calm, and collected when Mother Nature was throwing some hairy weather our way.  Her personality was delightful and she was always willing to go above and beyond what was asked, even when she was tired.  Not to mention -she really loves to fish – even though we didn’t catch anything on this trip.  I am sure we will on trips to come.  Thank you Jen.  I could not have done it without you.  Just remember… DON’T GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT!

The gentlemen on the trip, although green when it came to sailing, treated us ladies like Queens.  They served all our meals and did as much of the “man strength” jobs that they could.  Not only did they provide sustenance, music, and fine meals……they also provided us with some great laughs as well.  Matt – aka “Studmuffin, Stripper Skipper, Cowboy/Pirate/Sailor”  and Blake – aka -…..TBD……Thank you again for taking such fine care of us ladies!

Maryline “Frenchie”, May this fine vessel bring you over many waters safely and happily AND without too much bile lost!  You are such a sharp friend and I absolutely love your spirit.  When I first met you – I knew we would be fast friends and it has only proven itself.  Here’s to that Lobster we will share hopefully soon….whether it be a Florida Lobster or a Maine Lobsta….that is also TBD!